I went to the Columbia Gorge today and took some pics.

This is a view of Crown Point from a place called "Portland Woman's Forum State Park." Goofy name for a nice small park. This is looking up the Columbia River. On the top of the rock closest here, which is Crown Point, there is a small building known as Vista House. It's cool. One year I took a 40 year old broad I was sleeping with here to Woman's Forum State Park to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We were the only ones there all night and it was great.

The next year, the damn newspaper pointed the place out as the perfect place to watch the showers, so when I returned there were hundreds of hideous, horrible people there, with boom boxes playing Garth Brooks, and the people on the grass next to us pretending that they were like the characters from Seinfeld. People would oooh and ahh, and yell "woo!" whenever a good meteorite flew by, and some would applaud. I wanted to die, and could only stand this for about 20 minutes before they drove us away.

This is a closer look at Vista House. There's a ring around it where you can drive and get out to look. The view is great, from several hundred feet above the floor of the Gorge.

This view is looking out east, up the Columbia River. By the way, this is my new sweater. I look practically collegiate in it, for chrissakes. One day, years ago, a girlfriend of mine to remain anonymous and I had some quick sex bent over one of these walls I am leaning on here. If you've ever been to Crown Point this would surprise you, since there  almost always are tourists there, but we lucked out. It's rather thrilling to have sex several hundred feet over a U.S. interstate (I-84).

Close-up of Vista House. The inside is open during summer, and it is quite neat in there. There's 3 floors to it, and all made of finely crafted marble and brass. There's one hell of a urinal in the men's bathroom downstairs, with marble floors and even the urinals themselves are made of cool tiled marble. Nothing like pissing in style. This summer I will show you some fine images of these world class urinals.


Almost a panorama of the view from up there. Across the river is Washington. If you look on the third image here, you see a little promontory into the water on the banks of the river. This is the nude beach area of Rooster Rock State Park. People get naked there in the summer and play volleyball and stuff, but mostly just sit around and watch each other nude.

One day on the trail going to the nude beach, I came across a man who was wearing sunglasses and Reeboks and nothing else, just standing silently by the side of the trail, sort of in a little wayside. He was simply staring down at his semi erect shlong, not moving, just standing there like some insipid Greek statue to the God of Penis. I just walked by, trying to look unaffected by this absurd display. Later on a gay friend of mine told me that I had mistakenly entered the "Fruit Loop," a small looping trail where gay men go to have some anonymous outdoor sex. I reckon the Penis Statue guy thought I was gonna give him a hand job or something, but hey, I hadn't even gone swimming yet and I wasn't about to ruin a perfectly clean towel with the likes of that guy's filthy man juice.

This concludes the January 27, 2000 entry of my weird self. Email me with any comments. Or hell, maybe you want directions to Rooster Rock, eh?

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